Yorkshire Yellow Rattle Society…

Last year Clare our chair person arrange a workday with employees of the Yorkshire Building Society at Raw nook NR.

Some helped dig up sapling Silver Birches which were encroaching into the heathland.

Whilst others helped clearing small patches of vigorous grasses from the meadow ready for the seeding with yellow Rattle. So why Yellow-rattle, well it is an annual wildflower that thrives in grasslands, living a semi-parasitic life by feeding off the nutrients in the roots of nearby grasses.

So establishing Yellow-rattle is an excellent way of controlling grasses and increasing a nectar rich wildflower meadow. Well….did the YBS boys and girls complete their task and get the Yellow-rattle seeds to germinate?

Yellow-rattle just starting to appear ( MARKED IN RED)

Yes they did…all the areas cleared now have small numbers of
Yellow-rattle seedling growing…

So in about another week they should all flower and thanks to YBS our local insects will have plenty of nectar to feed on…

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