Freshwater Wildlife


  1. Common Frog Rana temporaria    Status Common/breeds
  2. Smooth Newt Lissotriton vulgaris Status Common/breeds
  3. Common Toad Bufo bufo               Status Common/breeds

 Aquatic Macroinvertebrates’

Survey carried out 20/7/2013 by Andrew Noble

  Asellidae (Water hog-louse

Dytiscus marginalis Great Diving Beetle

Corixidae (Lesser water boatman)

Chironomidae (Midge fly larva)

Culcidae (Mosquito Pupae)

Gammaridae (Freshwater shrimp)

Hydrophilidae (Scavenger water beetle)

Notonectidae (Backswimmers)

Oligochaeta (Worms)

Chironomidae Water Flea (Midge fly larva)

Libellulidae (Dragonfly Larvae)

Glossiphoniidae (Leech)

Sphaeriidae (Pea mussel)

 Lymnaeidae (Pond snail)

Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus

Planorbidae (Rams horn snail)

Gerris lacustris Pond Skater

Agabus bipustulatus

Pond Survey Carried by YWT 23/6/2018 at T H Beck

 Dwarf pond snail ( Galba truncatula)

Mayfly nymphs (order Ephemeroptera)

Caddisfly larvae (order Trichoptera)

2 thoughts on “Freshwater Wildlife

  1. Robert Rogerson

    Hi does anyone know what happened to the fish that were in the top pond? I was told it was polluted many years ago is this correct thanks

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Robert
      Sorry don’t know what happened to the fish at the top pond but Iv’e never seen any. And yes I think it is polluted somehow as very few wildfowl are seen on that pond and the Little Grebe that eats fish has not been seen for years

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