Not Just One Bee BUT…

As regular readers will know my blog is about wildlife at Low Moor & Oakenshaw.

However, today I make an acceptation. Clare our chairperson for our conservation group was taking her dog for a walk in a field near to Abb Scott Lane when she came across a ‘ Once in a lifetime sighting!’ A large swarm of (probably) European Honey Bees which were attached to a fallen log. Clare stated they were there for 2 days before they left!

Coincidently I spoke to a bee keeper the other day who told me that swarming involves the queen and a percentage of the colony leaving the original hive, usually due to outgrowing their current space, to establish a new home elsewhere. It’s a great risk to the colony, however, doing so is a sign that they are healthy, well populated and have access to good amounts of nectar and pollen.

I’m sure it will be a sight Clare will never forget!

Last week I did a baseline bio-diversity survey for Natural England relating to the new land owed by Tiffin Sandwiches.

I took 2 Pheromone moth Lures down to the site to see if two uncommon moths were at the site the Red-tipped Clearwing & Lunar Hornet moth.

I was in for a bit of a surprise as both moths species were attracted to the lures.

Three male Red-Tipped clearwings (left) and two Lunar Hornet moths, which illustrates that both species ‘Maybe’ breeding at the site which is great news!

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