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Hi there my name is Martyn Priestley and I am the voluntary Wildlife and Field Officer for the Low Moor and Oakenshaw Conservation Group and I will be over seeing this website.

I live in the Low Moor area of Bradford and have recorded and studied the wildlife at (the now) Raw Nook Nature Reserve, Caldene Fields and Toad Holes Beck since 1975. The main groups of animals and insects I have studied are birds, animals, butterflies, dragonflies and moths. I submit my records via Mapmate to the Yorkshire Butterflies and Moths, Yorkshire Dragonfly Society, Bradford Ornithological Group and The Bradford Urban Wildlife Group.

My records and these groups were instrumental in not only saving the Raw Nook ( Railway Terrace) site but helping in securing Raw Nook to Local Nature Reserve status in 2008 and in fact I had the honour of cutting the ribbon to officially open the reserve….. A moment I will never forget!.

Raw Nook ( Railway Terrace) is Bradford Council’s first official Local Nature Reserve.

The Low Moor and Oakenshaw Conservation group was set up to manage and conserve the 3 sites.  We hold Days of Action like clearing the ponds and Coppicingetc and everyone is welcome to join in.  These days will be published on the website.  If you would like to join our group please contact by email : clare.stonehouse@live.co.uk

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  1. Lindsey Sutherland

    Hi Martyn
    I have tried sending a message but not able to do so despite turning on cookies and JavaScript!
    Have you an email I can contact you on?

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