Spreading the joy with Tiffin Sandwiches

Today I had a meeting at Tiffin Sandwiches LTD Low Moor who have just bought the large pond and surrounding area adjacent to their premises and Toad Holes Beck a LWS (Local Wildlife Site)

Following the meeting I have nothing but praise for this forward thinking sustainable company.

I can confirm the land will be used only for nature in fact the company want to increase the bio-diversity even further with an additional planting scheme which I will be helping them with. They also want to work along side our conservation group the Low Moor & Oakenshaw Conservation Group which looks after TH Beck and Raw Nook LNR which is great news.

There was even further good news as the Bradford borne company want to embrace the local community as the site will eventually be open to the public with additional paths and litter/dog poo bins.

I have also put the company in touch with Bradford council’s bio-diversity officer and Natural England for their additional guidance and expert advice.

One thought on “Spreading the joy with Tiffin Sandwiches

  1. Shaun Radcliffe

    This is great news showing local support to the site. Please pass on our appreciation from B O G to the business.

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