Sightings and news…

A new Ladybird was added to our list on the 1/6 when I found a tiny 14 Spot Ladybird at Caldene fields.

It was very nearly overlooked due to it’s size and I had to photograph it on a piece of material so it would show up!

A stunning Eyed Hawk-moth was at Caldene fields on the 2/6

And today at Raw Nook Nr I found a Micropterix aruncella a very tiny micro moth which is a site first.

Sadly the pond at Raw Nook NR despite recent rain has not filled up or managed to hold any water…which is a real blow to the bio-diversity of our area. To illustrate this point I have recorded only 1 Damselfly at Raw Nook NR this year to date…..usually good numbers can be recorded.

And finally our group for a long time has wanted a motif to represent the group and our kind friends at the YWT (with our input) have come up with 3 excellent designs….The final design is…..well just a couple of thing to sort out first and then I’ll be ”JUMPING ” with joy to reveal all…

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