A surprise at Dealburn Road…

On Saturday 25/5 I decided to leave our recording area and visit the nearby Dealburn Road ( Woodland site ) at Low Moor with the aim of doing some survey work. I have kept wildlife records for this promising wildlife site since 2012 with the aim understanding more about it’s bio-diversity.

One of my main aims was to look for daytime moths. I had just entered the site when I saw a small micro moth in some nearby grass. A quick photo revealed the moth to be a Grapholita lunulana

I recorded a single Grapholita lunulana at the site in 2016 and thought it was just a lucky find but on Saturday I recorded 10 strongly suggesting the moth may breed at the site.

The moth’s status is described by Yorkshire moths as : Nationally Scarce B: Local Status: Rare and local resident

Mother Shipton moth

In addition I found 2 Mother Shipton moths which is a new species for the site.

By the way the name for the moth refers to the forewing markings, which appear to show an old lady or witch’s head…

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