Three welcome surprises…

Today whilst checking the moth trap today there was a rather large strange visitor lurking in one of the egg boxes.

It was a Nicrophorus investigator beetle which is a SITE FIRST. They are scavengers, living off and breeding in rotten carcasses. They have a very good sense of smell and are reputed to be able to smell a carcass up to two miles away.

So in other words helping to keep us humans safe from diseases by cleaning up!

Then on top of the trap I found 3 small Ladybirds. Two 10 Spot Ladybirds – Adalia decempunctata which I have only recorded once at Low M Banks.

The third Ladybird was a 2 Spot¬†–¬†Adalia bipunctata which is a new species for our area…which is great news!

The last surprise was a Brown Hawker dragonfly seen at LM Banks yesterday which was also a site first!

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