Lots of Southern’s in Low Moor…

So far it has been an excellent year for the Southern Hawker dragonfly in our area.

In the last few days I have recorded 9 freshly emerged insects, with 5 noted today at Caldene Fields.

They seem to love garden ponds so keep at eye out for them as the larva crawls out of the water usually on to a plant stem.

The larva gradually breaks open in the middle of the case and the beautiful dragonfly emerges.

It then pumps blood into it’s wing and once the wings are fully open the insect will flies off to find a mate.

As normal around the first week in August young migrant birds start to move away form their breeding grounds as they prepare for autumn migration. So it was interesting to note a wandering juvenile Willow warbler at Caldene fields today.

2 thoughts on “Lots of Southern’s in Low Moor…

  1. shaun

    We had a dragonfly land on the patio a few days ago. It lat us approach it very close & we realised that it was injured. After a while, sadly it died so we showed images of it to a friend who watches these insects. It was a Southern Hawker but as it was in poor condition, its colours had faded. Still a beautiful creature to compliment our garden.

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Shaun
      Sorry to hear about departing hawker dragonfly…I suppose it wouldn’t have been so bad if a passing Hobby had taken it…ha.
      I’m sure you must get the Southern and other of dragonfly species breeding on your reserve, you will have to keep an eye out.
      Had a juv Willow Warbler passing through the garden yesterday which is an early sign of movement. But little else at the moment.
      Take care

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