Two new moth species for Raw Nook NR…

Yesterday I managed to add two new moth species to our Raw Nook list of species. Both were found by gently tapping shrubs whilst holding my net underneath which if lucky a moth may fall into the net, ID and released.

Firstly there was the unmistakable Acleris emargana which was found low down in a Hazel bush.

This moth appears not to be common in our area but common in the the UK.

The last record was at Caldene fields 1/9/2015.

The second moth was Lathronympha strigana.

Interestingly this COULD be the same moth I caught at Caldene fields earlier in the year on the 22/7/2020.

As that moth was a site first for our area.

Changing the subject to birds….I have noticed a steady movement of Lesser Black Backed gulls through our area in recent days. And I was surprised to notice that on the nearby cricket fields there must have been around 60 mainly juvenile birds feeding which is unusual so early in August. There was ago a juvenile male Blackcap moving through Caldene fields…Sorry but all signs that autumn is not far away..

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