A sad report…

About 2 weeks ago a local resident was walking his dog at 06.30 at Raw Nook NR when he saw a man shooting birds with a very ” High powered air rifle with a large telescopic sight”!. The man was challenged and told it was a public place and a nature reserve but sadly this seemed to have little effect on his activities. Interestingly around that time I found 2 dead rabbits in the fields but assumed that they had died of natural causes

The resident called the police and a log was created.

Further to that incident 2 youths on push bikes were seen shooting air rifles a few days later but rode off when they were seen also at Raw Nook.

Then yesterday my wife and I walked down Cleckheaton Road and found 4 dead wood pigeon 3 on the pavement one actually on the road.  Later in the evening whilst driving up Cliff Hollins Lane we counted a further 12 dead Wood Pigeons on the road.

In the morning I contacted the Police and suggested it maybe related it to the male/s with the air rifle. 

I have also received some information from David Rhodes at Oakenshaw relating to the death of more WP and a Canada goose at Woodlands country park.

The police have taken the matter very seriously but need more information like a further description of the male/s, a car reg number, an address or any further information. If you have some information please call the police and quote Log 956 of the 13/8/20.

However, DO NOT CHALLENGE OR CONFRONT the male/s but call the police straight away.

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