Sightings updates…

Received some information from Chris at Oakenshaw. He has seen a kingfisher regularly at Toad Holes Beck pond during the last week.Very interesting in that I had a couple of spring and summer sightings last year of Kingfisher at the same pond. It could be that the species is breeding somewhere in the locality and visiting the pond for food or it is a possible non-breeding male.

Chris also stated whilst watching over the fields at Oakenshaw he had noticed circling Common Buzzards with a larger & darker looking bird nearby ( any other sightings of this bird? )… and during the last few days he observed a Red Kite at the same location.

At nearby TH Beck the Canada goose family are doing well..

The moth season is well under way and I was pleased to find not one but two Rustic Shoulder Knot 21/5 which is a new species to my list

In the Low moor & Oakenshaw area a Red Fox has had at least two cubs which is great news.

Excuse me while I yawn….Iv’e been up all night with the family!

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