Spectacular Hawthorns…

Today I just simply stood stared and stared at the stunning Hawthorns show at Toad Holes Beck.

But there was more joy as for the first time ever Canada geese have successfully bred at the site.

Five Goslings hiding away ( just to left of centre bird)

Also the Coots have been busy with at least two pairs raising chicks

Recent sightings include a Sedge Warbler in song at TH Beck on 11/5 and a Rose-ringed Parakeet has been feeding recently in gardens at both Low Moor & Oakenshaw.

There has also been a small influx of Swift moving through our area with 14 on the 14/5.

One thought on “Spectacular Hawthorns…

  1. Chris Reay

    Hi Martyn, I’m sure you’ll be keen to learn that I have seen a kingfisher regularly at Toad Holes Beck on this pool too in the last week or so. I’ll be popping back down this evening in the hope of getting another view!

    On a separate note I was watching two of the regular buzzards this morning from my home in Oakenshaw when I noticed a larger & darker looking bird of prey species – I didn’t have time to get my binoculars or get a long look – any idea or reports of what it could have been?

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