Radio interview & Kingfishers…

I’ts been a bit of a busy week. On Tuesday at Raw Nook NR I met Martin Bijl radio presenter local BCB radio 106.6 FM who presents the Bradford Keeping it Green radio show . He wanted to interview me ( At a safe distance ) about how Raw Nook nature reserve has developed, how long I’d been involved in the site and the influence of my wildlife records.

Martin with his boom for social distancing. (left).

It was also a great opportunity to showcase our reserve and the excellent work the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is doing as well as our conservation group. He also interviewed people who were walking in the reserve. And what was pleasing was a lady who stated she had only discovered the site because of the lockdown…but thought it was ..Brilliant!…an oasis!

You may remember the recent Kingfisher sightings at Toad Holes Beck by Peter from Oakenshaw. Well there is further exciting news…in that he has now seen two birds at a pond in Oakenshaw. Now two birds in the middle of the breeding season ” Suggest ” possible breeding coupled with the fact we are now getting an increase in sighting at local ponds in spring and summer!.

Moths records are now starting to increase and this morning there was a lovely Peppered Moth in the trap..

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