Show stoppers at Low Moor…

But first some interesting news on the Bee Orchids. Sadly still none at Low Moor Banks but I received an interesting email from Shaun who visited Otley wetland a regular site for the Bee Orchid. Shaun explained plenty of Common orchids but surprisingly no Bee Orchids could be found. I just wonder if that hot period of weather we had in spring has affected the orchids?

Anyway show stopper one is the Lime Hawk moth that appeared in my garden today..

Second was from Sue and Geoff ( AKA The Plant finders ! The Early Purple Orchid ) Well they visited Low Moor Banks again and found a Dark Mullien Verbascum nigrum  which is a site first. Thanks again.

Interesting fact…Raw Nook NR has two Dark Mulliens and is not that far from LMB…I wonder if the winds have help the species to get a foot hold at the site.

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