Still no sign…

Yesterday despite the rain showers I once again visited Low Moor Banks on the Bee Orchid treasure hunt. And once again I failed to find a single orchid. Interestingly last years Bee Orchid area has seen a fairly large encroachment of Ribbed Melilot – Melilotus officinalis. Now whether this has some affect on the orchds..I’m not too such. However, the areas without Melilot still have no orchids…so my thinking maybe totally wrong…

However, on a brighter note..the Narrow bordered 5 spot Burnet moth is having a bumper year at the site…with hundreds seen. Although I could only find a few Six spot Burnet moths.

Whilst I thought the uncommon ( In Bradford) Lesser Whitethroat has not bred at the site this year, now I’m not too sure. As I was looking for the orchid near to last years nest site a male sang briefly before diving for cover….So!…

2 thoughts on “Still no sign…

  1. shaun radcliffe radcliffe

    Hello Martyn
    We have visited Otley Wetlands twice as can be a good Bee Orchid site. None seen this year but plenty of other common orchids growing. Have no knowledge about orchids but this has happened to us before. Last year Bee Orchids were fairly regular so this year we remembered where we had seen them, but no luck.


    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Shaun
      Now that’s interesting about the Bee Orchids not been able to find any this year at Otley Wetlands. At Low Moor Banks 28 last year but none this year and also heard of a regular site at Bingley not having any either. Cheers Shaun

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