A late telephone surprise…

I’m a firm believer in the saying ” Each to their own” and my knowledge of botany is well…OK. However, when I heard some of my botany friends were thinking of doing some survey work at Low Moor Banks…I thought excellent knowing them they will increase the species list for the site.

The weather however, was not kind as it was cool and dull. But the most important issue of the day was that social distancing was maintained throughout.

Joan and Alice two experts enjoying the day…

We had only moved a few metres when the very knowledgeable Joan Dobson stated ” Martyn…we’ve found some Wall Barley Hordeum murinum it’s not on the original list” Then other new species kept coming…as my smile got bigger and bigger!

Sadly there were few butterflies of moths about due to the dull weather but the odd Narrow bordered five spot Burnet moth did make a guest appearance.

Around about 13.00 we decided to call it a day and Joan told me that she would send me the data of any new species that had been found. And talking of finding things NO ORCHIDS had been found.

BUT!!! around about 18.00 I received a phone call from my good friend Joan. ” Iv’e got some good news!..One of the ladies actually decided to stay on a bit and found two rather wet Bee Orchids and a single Common!

Brilliant news…They were found from the main path by taking the first right and they were somewhere off that path….A big thank you to J for her diligent work.

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