Saving the Frogs and Toads

Sadly once again our pond at Raw Nook NR has drained again which is probably due to a break in the clay base. A few days ago it held some water but with the hot weather on Tuesday and Wednesday the water drained very quickly. I went down today to find the pond had dried up with small amounts of dying frog spawn which could not be saved. Walking off from the pond I felt dejected that the problems with the pond has caused yet again the deaths of a number of amphibians.

However, I was in for a surprise!. I met a lovely couple that had quickly seen what was happing and in a matter of hours had managed to save a good amount of spawn and had placed it into water courses nearby. They also stated that they had moved about 10 pairs of frogs and 6 pairs of mating toads. So top marks for there quick thinking! and dedicated conservation work

I must admit Raw Nook NR is looking and sounding lovely at the moment. The spring bulbs are showing really well and there was certainly love in the air with male Wrens, Robins and Blackbirds all in full song trying to attract a mate.

Yesterday with the exceptional warm weather I thought I would try the moth trap to see what spring moths were about. It was a reasonable haul with 12 Common Quakers, 4 Small Quakers, a single Twin spotted Quaker ( second every record and a fresh Brindled Pug (below).

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