Some out some in!

Received some information from Stuart Tordoff who was working at the Woodlands cricket pitch when he observed a party of 40 Swans ( All most certainly Whoopers ) flying overhead to the N/E of the 18/3. This nicely coincides with a large movement of Whooper returning to their breeding grounds in areas Iceland and beyond.

So while the Whoopers are leaving the spring migrants are returning. The first ones usually is the Chiff-chaff and as of today there are two at Toad Holes Beck and singles at Raw Nook Nr and Low Moor Banks all males and in full song….just waiting for the females to arrive.

You may have noticed the Owl/Stock Dove nesting box which has been erected by the YWT in our area. Well yesterday I observed a pair of Stock Dove in courtship. Now given that the dove may have up to four broods in a season and rarely moves far from where they were hatched the nesting box could well be used. Although given that it has just been erected I suspect not this year….but when love is in the air …who knows!

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