Amphibian survey and rescue

Peter Gurney of YWT organised an amphibian survey at Raw Nook NR for the evening of the 1/4/21. This coincided nicely with the drying out of the pond at Raw Nook NR so as well as doing survey work we were on a rescue mission as well.

It wasn’t long before we came across 3 pairs of mating Common Toads in a small pool at Raw Nook NR.

We also found a freshwater Leech species and a single Smooth Newt.

Whilst we found evidence of very small tadpoles no adult Common Frogs were seen. However, given the Frogs have bred and the night was cold the adults may have been feeding away from the water.

We then moved on to the dried up pond. The sight was not welcoming as a number of dead frogs and adult Toads and their strings of eggs were laying on the open ground.

However, all was not lost as we pick another 3 mating pairs of Toads as well as a number of singles and took them to the flooded pools.

Peter rescuing 2 pairs of mating Toads from the dried up pond.

So the survey revealed 19 male and female Common Toads and 1 Smooth newt as well as a large quantity of Toad spawn and a medium amount of very small tadpoles.

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