Reaping the rewards with ”A mega rarity”…

Record shot of the Great White Egret

This post was supposed all about our scythe training with the YWT which took place on Saturday….however, today whilst watching visible migration from Caldene fields I found a real rarity…A Great White Egret!! which came in from the E and moved N. This bird is a site first for our area and a bird I didn’t expect to find …..

Now back to earth….Yes on Saturday Peter Gurney of YWT gave our group a training session on how to use a scythe, which will be very useful in cutting the meadows.

Is it Friday the 13th….

Peter expertly explained how to set the scythe up to the size of the person using it so it makes it more comfortable and effective when using it.

So off we went scything through the meadow….and Iv’e got to say once you got the hang of it it was very efficient at cutting the meadow.

Peter demonstrates how to sharpen the scythe to keep it in top working order. So all in all an excellent morning and roll on next year when we can put our training into scything the meadows. Our thanks go to Peter ( YWT ) for all his expert knowledge and…. patience !

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