Visible migration updates…

Sadly visible migration is coming to come to an end as expected at this time of year. During the last week there has been a noticeable drop in finch counts especially Goldfinch.

However, some species are still moving and it was very interesting on the 30/10 when a party of Fieldfares came in high over the watch point and in the flock were 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker suggesting the birds maybe of the nominate form from Scandinavia or beyond. Also recorded again were 867 Pink-footed geese moving to the S/W and N/E.

On the 3/11 there was a bit of a surprise when I located a Rose-ring parakeet east of East Bierely moving S/W. This is the second sighting of the species this autumn. Also on the 3/11 later in the morning 99 Herring gulls came in from the N/E and moved S/W which was a good count for our area.

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