Bullfinches doing well…

Data from watching visible migration as I do at Caldene fields can provide valuable information on the ongoing status of some of our common birds. An example of this is the Greenfinch which has declined by some 59% over the last ten years. To illustrate this point on a local level I recorded 1,662 Greenfinch in autumn 2008 in 77 hours of observations. This autumn 275 Greenfinch have been recorded in 220 hours!….very sad!

However, in contrast the Bullfinch seems to be doing better.

Totals of the left and years at the bottom

As the graph illustrates there appears to be an upturn in numbers since 2018 where 212 hours of observations were conducted and 220 hours in 2019.

Male Bullfinch heading N over the watch point

In fact I recorded 19 Bullfinch on passage with a further 3 present on the 19/11 which is a site record. So early signs suggest the species may be doing well…lets hope the Greenfinch follows suit.

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