Never in a million years did I ever think I would be writing my blog about an Otter sighting! But I am. After finishing my visible migration watch this morning I thought I would go into Toad Holes Beck to see if any duck species were about. I was scanning the reedbed at 09.45 when I saw a dark object moving in the reeds.

I first thought it was either Moorhen or a Coot. Then suddenly out popped an Otter….I thought it can’t be but it climbed out of the water on to a flattened area of Reedmace and started to have a scratch in full view. It then slid into the water and swam again giving good views to a nearby bank and out of sight.

I was elated….but then a bit down as I did not bring my camera. So I headed home and returned with my camera and waited and waited in all about a hour….but no sign.

So what a brilliant record for our area…I will update again in the next few days with a photo….fingers crossed.

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