No need for muddy boots…

Following on from the excellent work done by Bradford council’s Countryside Services in trying to save our wildlife pond they have now started on the old ‘ Very muddy pathway ‘.

I was down on the reserve this morning and bumped into the team working on the pathway. Whilst the pathway is looking really good now one of the team stated that once all the gravel is down it will be rolled and compacted.

So the days of muddy boots and flooded paths will be a thing of the past.

Whilst a number of people have already stopped me stating what a great job has been done with the drainage ditch leading to the pond and fingers crossed this will solve the problem.

It is also satisfying what one of the team who was working on the project told me.

He stated ‘That he was surprised how many people had complimented them on their work and how the new path was looking!’

Always nice to have positive feedback.

Hard at work…

So with our new notice boards supplied and fitted by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and now new paths, like a lot of local people we are feeling our jewel in the crown at south Bradford has just got a few more diamonds!

PS No recent sightings of the Roe deer in our recording area

3 thoughts on “No need for muddy boots…

  1. Danny Jackson

    Hi Martyn. Thanks for your kind words. We finished the path work today. Have a look at our latest Tweet for a few photos: @Bradford_CROW.
    Danny and all the Countryside team.

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Danny
      Thank you. But not just kind words, just fact. The reserve, path and pond looking really good at the moment…Many visiting people saying it too. Regards Martyn

  2. Steven Spencer

    I was down at Raw Nook yesterday and noticed the pond was losing water. The water is not getting through due to the channel closing up around the irises. Looks like it will need to be dug out again.

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