Not everyone’s cup of tea…

During spring I have been searching the Silver birch trees of Raw Nook Nr for four mirco moth belonging to the family Eriocrania. So if anyone saw a strange man searching leaves on trees well…it was me. So perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea!

Larva of Eriocrania cicatricella

However, these moths are extremely difficult to identify as adult moths therefore the only way of securing a confirmed record is to find the leaf mine and larva.

Therefore it was important for the reserve for me to prove all four uncommon species are breeding on our reserve.

And I am really pleased to confirm I have proven that they are all breeding at Raw Nook Nr and the area above Caldene fields.

The other three moths of the Eriocrania family found were Sangii, semipurpurella and unimaculella

A Common whitethroat was in full song at Caldene fields this morning.

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