Four new ones for Raw Nook Nr

It was a good morning at Raw Nook NR today….well until the heavens opened. However, I found four new species for our recording area 3 moth and one Ladybird which was new for the Raw Nook species lists

I have been searching for two moths of the Eriocrania family semipurpurella & sangii. Both are very difficult to visually identify but thankfully can be easily identified by their leaf mines of which I found both on Silver Birch trees.

Whist sheltering from the rain under a Sycamore tree I found the third new species an Orange Ladybird¬†–¬†Halyzia sedecimguttata (left). The species has been found at TH Beck and Caldene fields before but now its safe to say the species is established in all three of our recording areas.

And the four was another mico moth Grapholita compositella.

A family of Mistle Thrushes have successfully fledged 3 chicks at Raw Nook NR. Family feeding regularly in Caldene fields.

2 thoughts on “Four new ones for Raw Nook Nr

  1. Steven Spencer

    Hi, Martyn.
    Good to meet you this morning when out and about with Phoenix my beagle.
    Excellent and informative website you have set up… I shall have to get some artwork together inspired by Raw Nook Nature Reserve

    Steven Spencer

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Many thanks Steve
      If you produces any art work of Raw Nook NR, let me know and I will but it on the website.
      Kind regards

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