Work starts in Raw Nook NR

We are all aware how the main footpaths at Raw Nook are continuously flooding causing people to walk into the woodland to get round the flooded areas. Also I have lost count of the number of people who have asked ‘ What’s happened to the pond, it dry’s out in days?

Well the main problem of the flooded footpath and woodland is that when the culvert (left) overflows it causing flooding.

However, the Bradford Countryside Services have now started repair work at the site.

This includes digging a trench from the culvert which will lead the water into the pond instead of flooding the footpath.

First impressions this is an excellent idea in that it solves the flooding problem and it just may help the pond.

As we know the pond has a leakage problem however, it now appears to have a constant steam of water going into it. Yes the leakage problem will still be there but it may just retain at least some water which will help to bring back the frogs/toads and dragonflies.

There is also going to be some upgrading of the footpath which leads to the bridge as this gets very muddy and is near unpassable especially in winter.

So all in all a big thank you to Danny Jackson and the Countryside Services for all their hard work.

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