News update and it’s back…

It’s been a busy few days…Firstly I attended a meeting on the 8th of August at Dealburn Road with members of YWT and Bradford council to discuss in the main the future of the site. There were some very encouraging comments coming from the council about the prospect of the site remaining a wildlife site and even enhancing the site’s bio-diversity.

My aim was to explain how my biological records have illustrated the ecological importance of this urban site which is only 4 miles from Bradford city centre. To illustrate this point even further Andrew Cutts from Bradford council found some larvae of a possible Alder leaf beetle Agelastica alni  as we were walking the site….If confirmed it would be an excellent record of this uncommon Beetle which is expanding it’s range.

The recent influx of Painted lady butterflies into the UK has brought this beautiful butterfly to our area with 3 ( possibly 4 ) at Dealburn Road on the 8/8. Two at Caldene fields and 1 at Raw Nook on the 10/8. So keep an eye out in your gardens…

Part of the second arrival of Painted Lady butterflies…looking in excellent condition

And some good news on the Dragonfly front with a female Southern Hawker egg laying at Caldene fields on the 10/8….But perhaps the best news is following the recent heavy rain….it’s back

The pond at Raw Nook NR….but I fear it will drain away again in the next week or so…

4 thoughts on “News update and it’s back…

  1. Andrew Randviir

    Glad to see the ponds filled up again. I’ve noticed the painted ladies in raw nook. Also seen a couple of greenfinch in the area lately.

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Andrew
      Yes I’m glad to see the pond is back…but I fear we have a leak in the clay bottom and the pond will drain again which is a real shame. Brilliant to see the Painted Ladies about any large counts ( over 5 ) in our area please let me know..thank you.
      Your right with the Greenfinch I have noticed a slight increase but few in the garden.

  2. Chris Reay

    Hi Martin, just to let you know I counted at least ten Painted Lady butterflies on the buddleia bushes at the side of the path near the children’s park in Oakenshaw Country Park last Sunday morning.

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Chris
      Thank you for your email. I know the location you are talking about and the buddleias in question and 10 is a very good count. I have noted that some appear to be moving S/W as they feed and your area is S/W ish to Raw Nook NR so they made be feeding and moving through. But what an event to think that these small insect have traveled over seas to get to the UK and thankfully they are able to refuel on ‘ Our ‘ buddleia’s

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