A tangled up workday…

Saturday was our workday at Raw Nook NR and Richard ( our conservation management coordinator for our group ) highlighted that the Bramble was again encroaching into parts of the Heather and had to be cut back.

Clearing Bramble from the Heather…

So whilst the picking team did an excellent job picking up litter the rest of the group got tangled up thinning out Bramble growing over the Heather. From my point of view whilst Bramble is an excellent wildlife plant it has to be managed or the Bramble would simply take over the Heather and our lowland heath habitat.

The day however, started with some bad news and some good news. Sadly I found a dead Field Vole on the path at site. But the good news was I now have a confirmed record that the species is present at the site and it is probably providing a food source for the local Tawny Owls.

Whilst I was getting tangled and cut by the Bramble I noticed a Hawker dragonfly fly past in the warm sunlight, then another one came into view. I first thought they were Emperor’s but they were stunning Southern Hawkers..

So it was a good worthwhile morning’s work and incidentally if you walk through the site just stop for a minute and gaze at the wonderful vibrant Heather full of bees and Hoverflies ….and just think you are you only just 4 miles from Bradford city centre…

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