Kingfisher surprise…

Just had an email from David Rhodes at Oakenshaw. Yesterday had a once in a life times experience…

A kingfisher yes a ”Kingfisher” flew into his lounge through the French windows. It arrived in a flurry of noise and speed. He managed to gently ambush it with a towel while his wife Paula tried to photograph it but sadly it was a bit too quick for her and it happily flew off at tremendous speed up the stream bed. 

David stated ” What a privilege, we were able to study it while it came round.” Recently it’s been flying up and down the stream and may have nested nearby.

2 thoughts on “Kingfisher surprise…

  1. Josie Beaumobt

    I live on the main road in oakenshaw, not far from david and two kingfisher have just flown through my garden. So exciting. They came from the main road, up my drive, over my garden and headed towards toad hole back.

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Josie
      Thank you for your email. Two Kingfishers…that’s greedy! Excellent news..and heading towards THB. I have been down and had a look in the area but no Kingfishers seen. According to David and your sightings and the time of year it strongly suggests the birds have bred locally which if true is brilliant news.

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