Dear Lords and Ladies!

There is an array of Lords-and-ladiesĀ (Arum maculatum) out at the moment probably brought on by the wet weather.

The ones opposite are in full view on Sal-Royd Road.

Turn left after coming down Cleckheaton Road onto Sal-Royd Road and they are on the left hand side.

There are some also at Toad Holes Beck which were found by Clare on Saturday whilst working at our conservation day.

This brings me nicely onto our conservation day when we cut back some of the Bramble at Toad Holes Beck.

Not only did we cut the Bramble back but we dug up a good number of roots as well. Our aim is have more wildflowers growing in that area.

It was hard work but very rewarding as we found at least 12 young Common Toads which is excellent as it suggests they have had a good breeding season.

Plus a valuable breeding record for the site.

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