Blushing…just a bit

Whilst in Raw Nook NR a couple of days ago I noticed a good number of fungi some Puffballs and some I had seen before but couldn’t put a name to.

I have to admit I love fungi but I’m not very good at identifying them however, I did think they maybe called the Blusher – Amanita rubescens.

So I asked for help on one of the fungi sites and they were indeed Blushers – Amanita rubescens.

Which is a second record for the site.

As I left Raw Nook NR I headed for the large area of Oaks and heather near the bridge to look for moth species which favour Oaks.

I took my sweep net and tapped the leaves of the Oaks to see if any resting moths could be dislodged.

After a while I struck lucky and managed to pot a Ypsolopha sylvella opposite (Sorry for poor quality of photo) which favours habitats of mature Oaks.

The moth was released unharmed.

It is a site first for me bringing the total number of moth species recorded in our area to 456.

However, the best news is the moth’s Yorkshire Status: is Scarce and local resident. Which is great news for our area.

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