Brilliant news from Dealburn road…

The Clearwing moths ( Sesiidae ) are active by day but very elusive. Recently sex pheromones lures have come onto the market where a male (if in the area of the lures ) arrives thinking a female is in the locality, thus giving the observer a chance to record these uncommon/rare moths.

I did my research and found that the Six-Belted Clearwing is found in grassy areas with it’s food plant of Bird’s foot trefoil. DEALBURN ROAD!

So I bought a lure and today at the site I found what I hoped was the best location and as the yellow Trefoil blew in the wind I hung the lure up….

Within about 20 minutes not one but three
Six-Belted Clearwings came in. Brilliant news…

I now need to prove that the species is resident at the site as the lure can attract a male from a distance away so further surveys will take place. Yorkshire Moths status for the moth is National Status: Nb. Local Status: Rare and local resident.

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