Badger seen in Low Moor!

I have received a reliable report from a local resident who saw a Badger at 5.30am in Low moor whilst on his way to work on 16/9/22.

Over the years I have been told of odd sightings of the species in the Low Moor/Oakenshaw areas.

Due to the sensitivity of this sighting no reference will be made on social media.

I would welcome any relevant sightings/information of badgers in our area which will be passed on to the West Yorkshire Ecology services.

2 thoughts on “Badger seen in Low Moor!

  1. Gerda Carroll

    We walk our dog around THB quiet often and over the years we have always seen signs of rabbits.
    For quiet a few weeks now there are no signs of rabbits. We just wondered if anyone else has noticed or know whats happened to the rabbits.
    It’s a little concerning.

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Gerda
      Yes, early in the year there were plenty of rabbits about but agreed only a few have been seen lately.
      Not too sure why but I know rabbits can be affected by myxomatosis. I remember a few years ago there was an out break and hardly any rabbits were seen for a good few years.
      Lets hope it’s not that. Sorry I can’t help any further.

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