Some exciting news…

As we are all aware the pond at Raw Nook Nr has been leaking since about 2018.

This has caused the pond to retain some water when it rains only for it to drain away within a few days if there was no further rain.

This has had a massive impact on our wildlife with my records indicating a massive drop in breeding dragonfly numbers and the death of hundreds of tadpoles as and when the pond dried up in spring.

I like others (The YWT) have campaigned to get the pond repaired. To me the problem was the clay at the bottom of the middle of the pond had cracked during the baking hot summer of 2018 causing water to seep away.

So, with the help from our friends at YWT Sarah Goldsmith and Peter Gurney who organised funding it looks like the work to repair the pond will start towards the end of September.

This is excellent news for our biodiversity and I’m hoping that next spring the pond will have hundreds of tadpoles which will develop into frogs, newts and dragonflies will return to breed once again.

More updates to follow…

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