End of an Era…

It was a sad day on Tuesday the 20/9/22 for Raw Nook, Bradford council’s first local nature reserve and our conservation group as it was the last day the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust would be involved in our urban nature reserve due to them moving on to new projects.

We as a local community have a lot to thank the YWT for not only for their excellent conservation work but also for the overall input into our environment and biodiversity. We (Low Moor & Oakenshaw Conservation group) have also gained valuable conservation management knowledge from both Sarah Goldsmith and Peter Gurney.

I remember talking to Sarah back in 2019 when we first met on site about my sighting of a Nightingale in Raw Nook in1989 and how I termed the area ‘ Nightingale Way’. Sarah with bright eyes and her enthusiasm, leave it to me!! Then a couple of years later Sarah put up some ‘ Rubbing Posts’ with a Nightingale on one of them..at the exact same spot! Brilliant.

There were also many enjoyable events that were run by the YWT in our area enjoyed by many people. I remember one event at Toad Holes Beck when I talked to Peter about not be able to find a Bee Orchid at TH Beck”

About an hour later I returned from my lunch and was met with a smiling Peter who had just found (You guess it) a Bee Orchid!!! Brilliant news!

I am sure I speak for all our local community in sincerely thanking Sarah and Peter for all the improvement they and YWT have made to our nature reserve and wish them all the very best for the future

Here are just a few! of their improvements…

Welcome to Raw Nook
Put up bird nesting boxes and bat boxes
Sign/rubbing posts…My Nightingale!
Peter maintaining the meadow

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