Low Moor bird watching day…

Today I decided to do a ‘ Birding day ‘ within the village area of Low Moor, mainly to see if I could find anything a unusual.

The areas I watched were: Raw Nook nr, Caldene Fields, Toad Holes Beck, Royd’s Hall Dam and Harold Park Lake.  I found a total of 44 different species with much of my time spent in the 3 first sites.


Part of the flock of 69 Canada Geese found at Royd’s Hall dam.

A flyover Cormorant to the east over Caldene Fields started the morning off and a Woodcock in Raw Nook Nr was a welcome sight.  Other birds of local interest were a party of 9 Lesser Redpoll, a pair of Siskin, 10 Goosander and 2 little grebe.

I could not find any Great Crested Grebes which are regular at Harold Park Lake.


Tufted Duck were found to be plenty full at Both Harold Park Lake and Royd’s Hall dam where as at the large pond at Toad Holes Beck they are only occasional visitors.

Sadly nothing unusual was found… I even checked the goalposts for a possible Med Gull but without success…




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