You wins some… you lose some…

Well lets start of with the one species that I cannot record…as it got away! well not literally.

On the 25/5 I was netting around the Oak tree at the top of Raw Nook NR when I found a rather strange caterpillar.

I realised it wasn’t a lepidoptera caterpillar so I took some photos and did some research.

And it turned out to be a Oak Sawfly – Periclista lineolata. A new species for our area. BUT it is mainly a southern species! So I sent my record off to IRecords and as I was aware there is a VERY similar Periclista species and because I didn’t have a photo of the ” the final anal segment ” hmm the record cannot be accepted. However, They did comment , ”an interesting sighting all the same. Ian Andrews YNU Symphyta Recorder

On a better note I am learning about moth and I found a mine in a Silver Birch leaf at RN.

I kept the leaf till the larva hatched and ID it as a Eriocrania salopilla Small Birch Purple which is a new fairly common micro moth for our area

Finally I received an email from Martin Bijl regarding my radio interview about how Raw Nook NR came about and my records ect. It is broadcast on BCB radio on 106.6fm – Tuesday 16th at 6pm and Wednesday 17th at 1330 .

One thought on “You wins some… you lose some…

  1. Andrew Randviir

    Hello Martyn. Is there any chance to hear the interview again. I tuned in yesterday at 13.30 (weds 17) but something else was on. Having looked at the schedule afterwards it seems your interview was on at 12. 30. Such a shame as I was looking forward to that.

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