Sweeping brings results…

After all these years at last I have bought myself a sweep net. So if you see a strange man swishing a net about in our recording area..well it’s me.

However, it’s bringing in rewards with various micro moths been caught and identified.

However, on 1/6 I caught my third record of the tiny Cream-spot Ladybird at Raw Nook NR whilst sweeping the grass at the bottom of an Elm tree.

I received another excellent report from Chris of two Red Kites seen again over Oakenshaw. This could suggest the the area between Oakenshaw and the Holme Wood areas could possibly be holding a breeding pair of Kites…

Yesterday I went to Low Moor Banks and there was good news and bad. First the bad, there was no sign again of the Lesser whitethroat and I feel the species sadly may not have bred this year. Three pairs of Common whitethroat were noted.

On a better note I found 16 Small Heath butterflies which is an excellent count for this not so common butterfly in south Bradford. In addition I found 4 male Common Blues which is an improvement on previous years

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