Received a report via my website of a lady at Oakenshaw near to TH Beck that on 17/8/2015 she saw what she described as a browny greyish Lesser Spotted Woodpecker on a tree in her garden.  The lady watched the bird for about five minutes.  She then looked in her RSPB guide book and ID the bird as a Wryneck.…..

At first I have to be honest and thought it can’t be…But I have spoken to her twice now and got a description as well as how it behaved and I am now saying I believe it was a Wryneck which is a brilliant find.  Interestingly a Wryneck was seen at Scammonden (Huddersfield) on the 7/9/15.

On her behalf I have submitted the sighting to the Bradford Ornithological Group to see if there is enough evidence to have the record accepted…so what this space.



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