Workday magic!

Regular visitors to Toad Holes Beck will have noticed the excellent new steps and board walk which leads to the middle pond. This area whilst good for the Southern Marsh orchids is always muddy and difficult to walk along.

A member of our conservation group the very talented Michael Wiggins carried out the work and just like magic sorted the problem out..Excellent job Michael.

On Saturday we had our workday and as well as admiring Michael’s work we started to clear the vegetation near to the pond area.

This will let more light into the area and all the branches and twigs cut will help create better nesting opportunities.

Clearing vegetation from the pond and path area.

One of the new generation of conservationist who WANTED to litter pick the area.

But in a way I felt rather sad that she/we have to do this litter picking when some people sadly don’t respect our wonderful wildlife oasis!

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