Are we Mad or just Conservationists?

On Saturday morning it was our conservation groups work day. The outside temperature was -2c and the ground was covered in a light dusting of snow.

And I have to admit I did think ‘ Our we Mad?’

However, the plan was to dig up this years small Silver Birch saplings at Raw Nook NR that are a constant threat to our rare (In urban areas) lowland heath habitat.

We do the work now when the saplings are small, because when they are larger…Well..It’s back breaking work!!. Also if we left the saplings to grow this area would revert to birch woodland and our jewel would be gone forever.

With the mattock the small sapling came up fairly easy. We must have dug up at least 100 saplings but there is still many more to dig up which is a job for next month…weather permitting! If you want to help save this jewel, why not come along? More info from

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