Welcome surprises!

Firstly I can now confirm that the Common Buzzard has successfully bred somewhere in our locality.

I have spoke to many people who regularly see the species in East Bierley, Birkenshaw and around the Low Moor/Oakenshaw areas. Also in early May I saw a pair displaying in the Oakenshaw area.

Yesterday came the proof when a calling juvenile was seen at Caldene fields with 2 adults observed over nearby Oakenshaw which is excellent news.

There a further surprise at Low Moor Banks when I visited during a break in the heavy rain showers.

I saw a couple of Common Blue butterflies feeding on their food plant but then a paler blue butterfly caught my eye.

As I suspected it was a Holly Blue butterfly (Probably a second brood insect) which is a new species for my butterfly list which now stands at 18 species for the site.

A welcome sight also came at Raw Nook NR earlier in the week when I found 2 juvenile Toads and possibly a sign of wandering migrant young with a juvenile Common Whitethroat at Toad Holes Beck which may have come from Low Moor Banks where a possible 3 pairs bred.

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