Rainy workday and a new species!

On Saturday we had our work morning down at Toad Holes Beck.

The forecast was for rain and it was warm and humid.

We had noticed that the vegetation was encroaching onto the paths, so the plan was to cut back where necessary.

Thankfully we had done the majority of the work before the heaven’s opened!

On a different note I seem to be having a bit of a purple patch with finding new species of moths for our recording area.

Firstly I found a leaf mine of Stigmella nylandriella on a Rowan tree at Raw Nook NR on the 10/7 and then on 12/7 I found a Gypsonoma oppressana which has a status of ”Rare and very local resident” ( Yorkshire Moths) at Caldene fields.

Now what is really important about this latter sighting is that it’s food plant are Poplar tree species.

The only Poplar trees are in nearby Toad Holes Beck not only showing the correlation of biodiversity between all the 3 sites in Low Moor but as well the species may well be breeding there.

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