Visible Migrations sightings

As I write the weather is in a southerly air flow with strong winds hardly conducive with migrants coming from the N & E. However, there has been some movement which have been noted from the watch point. Birds of interest were as follows:

22/10 4 Whooper Swans flew N/W also a Ring-necked Parakeet flew S and there was a good movement of Wood Pigeon noted S with 5,664 counted.

There has also been an influx of Cormorants mainly moving S/W with 3 on 26th, 10 on 25th , 3 on 23rd and 7 on the 22nd

In addition I have picked up a movement of Grey Wagtails some to the N/E and some S/W. A good count of 9 on 23rd, 7 on 24th, 8 on 25th and a further 8 on the 26th.

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