Raw Nook’s fungi walk update

The weather on the 19/10/21 the day of the Fungi walk at Raw Nook Nr was ideal! It was warm and damp like the previous few days. So expectations and excitement was high.

The annual Fungi walk which has been running for the last 3 years was conducted by Kat Woolley of he YWT. Whose knowledge and enthusiasm is simply brilliant

And for me, to hear Kat (who does Fungi walks all over the region) say ” I love coming to Raw Nook NR …it’s one of my favourite places! ” Illustrates the excellent work we are all doing on this excellent local nature reserve.

Sadly though for me I could only stop for an hour but Kat kindly sent me the record list of species she had found.

A total of 31 species were found of which 16 were site firsts

The total number of Fungi species now recorded at Raw Nook NR is 84. A full species list can be found here http://www.lowmoorwildlife.co.uk/fungi/

The White Saddle Helvella crispa is now an annual find at the reserve

The list of new species found on the 19/10/2021

is below:

Variable Oysterling – Crepidotus variabilis

Soap-scented toadstool Tricholoma saponaceum,

Tricholoma saponaceum,

The Saffron Milkcap, Lactarius deliciosus

Verdigris agaric Stropharia aeruginosa

Lilac Dapperling Cystolepiota bucknallii An uncommon species

Fleecy Fibrecap Inocybe flocculosa 

Golden waxcap hygrocybe chlorophana

The witch’s hat Hygrocybe conica

Earthy Powdercap  Cystoderma amianthinum

Jellybaby  Leotia lubrica

Yellowleg Bonnet  Mycena epipterygia

Snapping Bonnet  Mycena vitilis

Dripping Bonnet Mycena rorida 

Amethyst deceiver Laccaria amethystina

Shaggy ink cap coprinus comatus

A Big thank you to Sarah and Peter from YWT for organising this event

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