Summer migrant update…

Received an email from James Bass who visited Raw Nook Nr on 15/4 and was struck by the numbers of singing warblers.  His counts were 3 Willow Warblers + 8 Chiffchaff + 6 Blackcaps all good counts.  My first thoughts were the reserve given it’s size would struggle to accommodate all those territories.

So on the 17/4 I did some counts to see if some of these birds were passage birds.  My counts were 4 Willow Warblers + 4 Chiffchaff ( possibly some females may have been nest building) + 4 Blackcaps 3 M+1pair suggesting most of the birds have stayed.  I still have the same views and believe within the next week or so some of these birds will have moved on both to find a new territory and a mate.

One Swallow circled Caldene Fields before drifting S/W and 3 House Martins were back over there nest site at Raw Nook Nr

Following on from my sighting of a C Buzzard drifting N/E on the 10/4 Stuart Tordoff emailed to say he had seen three Common Buzzards circling over Woodlands/M606  slowly drifting off eastwards.


Long Tailed Tit appear to be doing very well in our recording area


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