Spring butterflies and moths…

Firstly I had a ‘ blast from the passed’ moment today when a pair of Lapwing were displaying over Caldene Fields a regular nesting site in bygone years.  A returning male Swallow flew into it’s old nesting site the horses shed at Caldene Fields and whilst I do not normally comment on nest sites the Swallows one is very safe….as a rather large mean looking stallion keeps the Swallow company…  Only a female Blackcap at the top end of the fields was judged as a new migrant in.

Last night was the first time this year I put out the moth trap and was rewarded with a Brindled Pug the f hirchkei form which is a new site record. 2 Common Quaker and 3 Hebrew Character were also recorded.

Four Smooth Newts were observed at Raw Nook nr pond and at least 4 Peacock and 3 Small Tortoiseshell were noted.


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