Sightings updates…

Most of my time at the moment is taken up with visible migration. Especially as moth numbers have reduced as autumn progresses. In fact the last moths were caught on 29/9 and included a Barred Sallow and 2 Lunar Underwings both are regular autumn moths.

As I reported earlier Goldfinches seem to have an an excellent breeding season. To illustrate this point this September I have recorded an excellent count of 2,115 birds passing the watch point. In 2019 1,082 were recorded, 2018 = 717, 2017 = 1,135.

On the 27th of September there was an early influx of Redwings moving through our area with 407 S/W + 37 N/W. A Crossbill flew S on the 1/10 and today 2 Swallows moved S and I had a nice surprise with a Shelduck that flew high to the N/W


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